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  • Employment Team

    “Welcome to the Employment Team! Our aim is to offer help, advice and guidance, helping you to find suitable employment.”

    Our Employment Team of very experienced consultants will help you with your CV, preparation for employment and job hunting, interview practice etc. They will discuss your local labour market and establish the best way of identifying possible vacancies and companies in your area that might lead to employment. As part of your training if might be decided that you would benefit from some work experience to develop your skills – if this is the case we will help to source this and it can take place either whilst you are in training or at the very end in your home area. We continue to support you throughout this, keeping in regular contact with you and the company.

    Our Employment Team will continue to stay in touch on completion of your training to support you with your job search – not everyone is fortunate to start work immediately after they complete training. Once you find employment (of at least 16 hours a week), we have a specialist In-Work Support Adviser who will guide you through the first few months of starting work and continue to keep in contact to ensure you maintain your job.

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