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    Picture of Helen Delivering Training

    Personal  Development Training helps you to explore and define your goals and map out ways to turn them  into reality.  It will enable you to define the skills you are developing now in order to open up employment opportunities in the future. What are the benefits? Taking stock of your position and setting goals in all areas of your life can be a crucial step.  You will maximise your potential, build confidence, restore your self-esteem and apply your skills and knowledge to many different situations. You will learn to express your unique skills and abilities to employers in the future.

    The Training mainly involves small group sessions, as well as some one-to-one support. You will also be given booklets to reinforce your development and gain greater self-empowerment. Training will take place on or off site, depending on what suits you best, or even as part of a distance learning package. Your feedback and evaluation after each session is encouraged as we are keen to improve our content.

    Our dowloadable  leaflet outlines some areas of ‘Development Training’ we will offer you during your journey at St Loye’s. Each session will help you develop your personal skills and importantly your employability skills.

    Click here to download Development Leaflet

    Personal Development is a key part of St Loye’s foundation and the majority of our clients see the benefits almost instantly!

    ” I’ve done this kind of thing before but never got so much out of it” .

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