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  • Residential Training

    St Loye’s Foundation offer Residential Training as one of the Employment Training routes.

    This is a contract  funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and is intended to help unemployed adults with disabilities or long term health condition, secure and sustain employment or self employment.  This is achieved through an individually tailored combination of guidance, support, personal development, learning in the workplace, work experience and in some cases approved qualifications.  Residential Training is not designed to train a participant to the highest level in their chosen job goal but to equip an individual with the skills and knowledge that enable them to obtain and sustain employment.  With Residential Training you can also choose to train on a residential or non-residential basis depending on your own circumstances and needs.  If you choose to train on a residential basis you have the option to stay in our Residential Accommodation ‘Hope Court’ in Exeter for the duration of your training programme. Weekend travel to clients home destination is paid for. For more detailed information click on the links.

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