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Sarah’s Story

Sarah’s story is uplifting because from being someone who was very nervous and unsure about the future, her time at St Loye’s has transformed her into a qualified and more confident, fully employed healthcare worker.

Advice about training for the future from her local Job Centre Plus left Sarah unsure about what to do and especially nervous about training away from home.  Nevertheless, she was determined to achieve something so she agreed for staff from St Loye’s to visit her in her home town to answer questions about training and address her concerns.

Sarah said: “The staff answered my questions but I was still very nervous with butterflies in my stomach with the thoughts of taking the next step.  I thought long and hard but decided to give the training a go and aim for a goal.”

She arrived at St Loye’s and studied for an NVQ Level 2 in Health and Social Care and subsequently got a job at Langford Park Nursing Home near Exeter.

Sarah continued: “The support and development I received was really very helpful.  The staff at St Loye’s helped build my confidence and made sure I was happy with my training at all times.  I was also grateful to the Employment Team and the Health and Social Care Instructor who supported me on my first day at Langford Park.

“Since I have been at St Loye’s my confidence has grown so much.”

Sarah really is a success story.  Not only has she successfully completed her NVQ Level 2 in Health and Social Care, secured a meaningful job and is now working towards NVQ Level 3, Sarah has relocated in order to take this job – an idea that would have been pretty unlikely when she first plucked up the courage to talk to St Loye’s.

“Relocating and starting a new job were huge steps to take but I am really happy I did it.  I really enjoy my job; I work with a great team of people.”

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